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About the HR-PMO

The Project Management Office (HR-PMO) within University Human Resources is a service organization created to lead and support HR projects at NC State.

The purpose of the HR-PMO is to:

  • Create a foundation for consistent project success through continued development and implementation of a strong project management discipline.
  • Maximize the responsiveness & adaptability of projects by implementing standardized best practices and disciplined approaches to identify, prioritize and successfully execute the portfolio of key HR initiatives that are aligned with the University‚Äôs strategic goals & objectives.

The HR-PMO works with cohesive teams across the university community to deliver the following benefits:

  • Increased transparency and visibility of HR initiatives to help limit information silos and miscommunications.
  • Better project quality and accountability, with delivery of more projects on time.
  • Closer alignment of projects with NC State & HR strategic goals.
  • Better aligned budget and resourcing allocation to keep the overall project portfolio in check.
  • Reduction in project failure, overspending, and client dissatisfaction through standardized templates and tools, and continual monitoring.

The HR-PMO is responsible for:

  • Improving the effectiveness of project management across HR services 
  • Establishing standardized project management processes, tools & methods
  • Providing best practice recommendations for planning, executing, and tracking HR projects
  • Collecting and reporting on project status
  • Providing a consolidated view of HR projects
  • Assisting in planning and scheduling project resources efficiently
  • Assisting with strategic portfolio management & governance
  • Providing guidance and support to the community of HR project managers

Build project management discipline and professionalism

  • Set the standard, provide the tools and then be an advocate and model for good project management practices
  • Share best practices and approaches, and standardize the project infrastructure across HR Services
  • Mentor, train, and guide HR project teams as they learn and adopt best practices

Provide project management services and oversight over the HR project portfolio

  • Engage with HR project managers to provide the appropriate level of project management expertise needed for their projects
  • Establish a reporting system to report on project status, timelines and key issues

Collaborate with HR leadership to manage & deliver the HR project portfolio

  • Establish project prioritization criteria aligned with HR business objectives and strategy
  • Ensure that there is consensus on project value and priority for project activities
  • Set standards for and implement the project intake and approval processes

Keep the HR leadership team, staff and campus community informed of key HR projects

  • Ensure ongoing transparency to key information that allows for faster decision making and enhanced agility within HR Services
  • Provide a channel of communication of high level project status, timeline and key issues

The HR-PMO works with the following teams and committees to provide project/program governance and deliver project management services to the HR community at NC State.


The HR-PMO comprises of a group of Project Managers led by the HR-PMO Officer who:

  • Serve as change agents for improving the effectiveness of the PMO across the organization and
  • Lead HR initiatives and projects using recommended methodologies and application of best practices, tools, and methods to maximize the project investment while minimizing risks

HR-PMO Team Members:

  • Rashi Waghray, HR-PMO Officer

HR Project Leadership Team (HR-PLT)

The HR Project Leadership Team comprises of a group of HR leaders at NC State with expertise in bringing an integrated approach to delivering projects with the highest probability of success and acceptance. The committee also includes, and is supported by the Lean Six Sigma Consultant and the HR-PMO Officer through the project review and approval process.

The HR Project Leadership Team meets monthly to conduct the formal Project Selection Review to approve and prioritize projects submitted to the HR-PMO. The Project Managers and Project Sponsors receive direct feedback from the HR-PLT on the project proposal during the Project Selection Review which is facilitated by the HR-PMO..

HR Project Leadership Team Members

  • Tim Danielson, Associate Vice-Chancellor for Human Resources
  • Margaret Erickson, Assistant Vice Chancellor, HR Operations, University Human Resources
  • Ursula Hairston, Assistant Vice Chancellor, HR Strategy, University Human Resources
  • Ryan Bernarduci, Director, HR Information Management & Analytics, University Human Resources
  • Nikki Price, Asst. Dean for Culture, Talent & Human Resources, College of Sciences
  • Sheri Renno, Assistant Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Ellen Coster, HR Consultant, HR Continuous Improvement, University Human Resources
  • Rashi Waghray, Assistant Director, HR Information Management & Analytics and HR-PMO Officer, University Human Resources
HR-Project Leadership Team (HR-PLT)

HR Systems Steering Committee (HR-SSC)

The HR Systems Steering Committee has representatives from various teams across the university community who provide direction on when projects can be delivered and assist with project scheduling and resource assignment:

  • Review new software before it is purchased for security and integration with NCSU infrastructure and data.
  • Schedule delivery of projects that have a system component (new system implementations or system changes/enhancements).

All approved projects involving an IT system change/implementation will be presented to the HR Systems Steering Committee (HR-SSC) for identifying the most viable schedule for project delivery.

HR-Systems Steering Committee (HR-SSC)